Meet “Broadway Blue”, my New York Rangers NHL Licensed FATBIKE!


We are very proud to announce that we have partnered with For those not familiar with FatBikes they are becoming very popular across the United States. They are super sized all terrain bikes capable of riding through any condition.  The 26″ tires and 7 speed twist shifter will have you cruising through town in style. FatBikes are Officially licensed by the NHL and all original 6 teams are available but that doesn’t matter because we only want the best right? The NEW YORK RANGERS FATBIKE!

I received my FatBike last week and would like to share my personal experience:

It was like Christmas morning when I heard the door bell ring and saw the Fedex driver at the door with my New York Rangers Fatbike. I immediately took the FatBike into my Rangers fan cave to open it up and put it together. The instructions are very clear and 90% of the bike is already assembled, though you do need a hex key and a wrench on hand to make sure everything is tight enough for safe riding. The assembly really couldn’t have been any more simple and in no time my FatBike was ready for a cruise around my block. The smooth and comfortable ride of the FatBike is really incredible! I cannot wait to ride my FatBike at some of our local bike trails this summer and really put those all terrain tires to the test!  


  1. The super sized tires are capable of riding in any condition.
  2. The durable aluminum light weight rims.
  3. The 7 speed twist shifter allows you to change gears effortlessly.
  4. The Hi-tensile steel frame with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!


  1. The jealousy your friends are going to experience now that you have an awesome FatBike!

Here are some pictures of my NYR FatBike in my Rangers fan cave and a promo code to SAVE $50 instantly on your FatBike TODAY! I promise you will not be disappointed.

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